There is more to fashion than the fleeting world of trends. What inspires designers and what does their work tell us about the world we live in? This page seeks to explore the artistic depth and the integrity of fashion as a human phenomenon, with the power to change, disarm and democratise. Instead of giving you this season’s colour, or the latest celeb look, it offers insightful stories to inspire you and to help collectively break the barriers of the current state of affairs of a complex, yet beautiful phenomenon we call fashion.

Found in the summer of 2015, risen from a desire to challenge and educate on various thoughts on fashion and go beyond its surface of merely a glamorous phenomenon of clothes, shoes and bags. Leora Sameni is an Iranian-Dutch culture & arts enthusiast exploring the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, driven by culture and identity. She has written for several platforms, most prominently for The influential Iranian popculture blog The Tehran Times.

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