Georgia Through the Sartorial Lens of Ria Keburia Gallery

Images Courtesy of Ria Keburia Gallery

With designer Ria Keburia it’s never ‘just about clothes.’ The clothes are the result of intellectual thought and a long and well-thought-out artistic process, with the aim to create an experience that tests the boundless symbiosis between fashion, art and folklore. Well off in its third season as a collective, Ria Keburia once again takes upon herself the role of curator for her Gallery and brings together a unique mix of designers to create a highly imaginative collection. Being used to her omnipresent element of youthful innocence, this season Ria surprises the audience by abandoning this, embarking on a new creative journey with the carousel as a symbol of limitless imagination.

Gruzland pays homage to a Georgia unseen. It is a kaleidoscopic collection, revealed through the scope of five different designers, connecting five different branches of art in one theme. Jaba Diasamidze reexamines Baroque, Diana Kvariani reimagines impressionism, while Irakli Rusadze shares his sense of constructivism and Georgian-born and New York based artist Uta Bekaia puts emphasis on zoomorphism and animal symbolism, adding a quirky touch to the overall project. Salome Totladze and accessory label I-O-U take on modernism, translating current art trends in to timeless accessories and postmodern shoes for the collection. The result is a hybrid Georgian-being, living in a brave new world, with Gruzland as its capitol wherein these different themes are united in to one perfect whole.

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