Into The Cosmos With Ria Keburia Gallery SS17

Ria Keburia Gallery SS17. Images courtesy of Ria Keburia and Dima Cherny.

At the start of each New Year, we contemplate on our resolutions and set new goals for ourselves to live by, as we ponder what fortune the new year will bring. Once again, we think about what we will do better, who we want to be and ultimately where we belong. Ria Keburia Gallery SS17 is exactly in line with these thoughts. In hues of pastels, minimalistic lines, soft knits and romantic gauzy silks, the collection reanimates the journey of chance and challenging fate to reach ones destiny. It’s about longing to be and taking risks, though perhaps not the way you would expect it.



Fortuna 79 takes us to a parallel universe where different rules apply. It’s the tale of a group of androgynous and coalescent space heroes. United by a dream to enter space and escape their earthly burdens, they put their fate on the line by challenging the wheel of fortune. The spacemen become participants in a cosmic game of luck by spinning their destiny like roulette. At each spin the wheel blinks mysteriously, giving one hint at a time. Fun, art, run, these are some of the clues the wheel gives out, not coincidentally all partial anagrams of Fortuna, directing our inter-galactic protagonists on their journey of becoming.



As always, Ria Keburia plunges us into a whimsical story that at the same time addresses themes recognisable to all. With a brand new year ahead, Keburia and her team of young designers; Ksenia Seraya, Teyo, Aka Nanita, Kirill Mintsev, Nathats and Tamar Areshidze remind us that fate is the life you lead if you remain within your sheltered comfort zone. It is the course life takes without intervention – the consequence of ordinary evolution in constant waves.

Destiny on the other hand, is the ultimate capacity. It is what can happen if you actively rule your universe. It is the realm of risks and optimism, where everything is possible and dreams can come true. Although we might get cold feet at the thought of failing, or what could happen if we take risks, perhaps 2017 is the perfect year to take matters into your own hands and give destiny a chance.

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