Discover Pablo Ramírez

Image Pablo Ramírez

Dubbed as the Argentinian ‘Karlf Lagerfeld’ or ‘Valentino of Argentina’, Pablo Ramírez is the country’s most prominent fashion designer and the brains behind the costume design of some of the top theatre and opera productions in Buenos Aires. In contrast to his peers, you won’t find him in the lavish streets of Recoleta, but three barrios away in the cultural and artistic bustle of San Telmo.

His designs are minimalistic and sophisticated, echoing an understated elegance, a mise-en-scène of contained sexuality and mysterious beauty in a code of lines and shadows- reminiscent of the timeless beauty of a Christian Dior. Rarely deviating from his monochromatic, black and white pallet, the essence of the garments are in the silhouette, cut and lines- a sculptural approach to fashion, deriving from the designer’s childhood fascination for drawing.

A prominent element throughout his collections is Monasticism, remnants of a youth spent in a catholic school, exposed to the lifestyle and religious garbs of the nuns. Although brought up Catholic, Ramirez is not a religious man, but merely fascinated by the theatricality of spiritual rituals, religious dress and the seductive mystery of restrained sexuality. A powerful colour play of black & white, strict collars, long black robes, classic puffed and ruffled sleeves are a reminder hereof.

Lead by the ideal of elegance, Pablo Ramírez has been successfully connecting European codes of couture with Argentinian heritage and lifestyle, since the launch of his eponymous label in 2000. Among his fans are Suzy Menkes and Scott Schuman, both whom upon seeing his collection advised the designer to show his future work in Paris.