Help Yourself!

Russian born designer Dasha Selyanova of the London based ZDDZ has never shied away from raising awareness through playful designs. Signature to her work are slogans, often from sensational newspaper headlines written in bold letters. These newspaper slogans were one the themes of her Spring-Summer 2015 collection. Playing with words, she randomly chose from headlines- putting them together to devaluate them in a humorous way- turning them into fun conversation starters placed on a woman’s body.

Her Spring-Summer 2016 collection called Help Yourself is inspired by her own experiences with depression. It raises awareness on the issues of youth and mental health problems- exploring the attitude of contemporary youth to mental health issues. She shot a short film for the collection in VHS, which shows Moscow youth sharing their personal views on anxiety, loneliness, uncertainty about the future and their ways to deal with depression. In their words:“I still can’t find myself, I’m insecure, I’m shy, I wish I had listened to my parents, I don’t know what I want, and I’m scared that I will end up alone one day.” 

The teens in the video wear garments from the collection, which read slogans taken from the packages of American antidepressants from the 70’s. Phrases like ‘Sleep Better Live Better’ or ‘Love Your Nervous System’ showcase the false promises of a quick recovery through medication and our often short-sighted perception of depressions.

Header courtesy of MBFW Russia