In Prague to talk to with Iva Burkertova On her Label Odivi

Iva Burkertova is owner and designer at Odivi, a ready-to-wear label from Prague. Her collections are a harmonious binding of beauty and comfort, carried by a strong philosophical vision. Behind the beautiful garments, stands a woman of versatility- who has managed to built her brand in a country that has rebuilt itself, home to a fresh fashion scene that is developing quickly. We met through Instagram, I love Iva’s designs because they breathe a kind of tranquility. Iva is about to present her next collection at Prague Fashion Week, we managed to do quick chat together about Odivi!

How is the fashion scene in the Czech Republic today?

The fashion scene is rebuilding itself in Czech Republic. We had a lot of fashion houses during the 1st Republic however everything disappeared as soon as communism took over the country and it wasn’t appreciated to be different in that period. We have a lot of really good designers today but what needs to improve is the connection between them and the textile industry.

Is there a fashion revolution going on as we speak?

Things are bubbling up and moving quickly. There are more opportunities for us and we are getting close to go abroad and show the rest of Europe what we have and who we are. There are a lot of good things happening around the fashion industry here, from catwalk events to local shops connecting us with customers.

I love the name of your label. What does ‘Odivi’ stand for?

ODIVI means “from Iva” in Czech.

And what is at the core of the ODIVI concept?

My collections are based on a lot different stories close to myself, from friends, customers and collaborations- I want the clothes to tell the story of what goes in and around ODIVI.

So far you’ve only design womenswear, are you considering menswear in the near future?

I was already doing menswear, but only on request- for my SS16 collection however, I’m collaborating with two musicians VR/Nobody– and this includes menswear. It’s a collection I look forward to release!

Tell us about your first fashion show.

The very very first was when I was 10 years old, in my grand mothers hometown. I used the bed linen and other vintage clothes and organized a mini runway in the house! My first professional show was in 2013 during the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion week. I was taken aback by how well we were taken cared of, from make up to hair, compared with my previous shows where I had to do everything myself. It was a fantastic experience!

Your SS15 collection is called BLANK PAPER//SUN SEEKS THE SEA. What would you like your audience to take away from this collection?

I would like them to embrace the philosophy that everybody has infinite possibilities of living their life, starting from a blank paper. The collection refers to those moments when I feel like anything is possible. It is about the journey from a blank piece of paper to the world’s sea’s, about the lightness and heaviness of going back to childish naivety and immediacy.

What has been the most exciting experience so far designing for Odivi?

I love snowboarding and my ultimate wish came true when I took a jump on my own custom made ODIVI snowboard, a result of a collaboration with LTB snowboards! Life is too short to live just one story…

Piece of advice for fresh creative entrepreneurs?

Do it! Go for it for the full 100% and don’t be afraid to fall on your face. Making mistakes is the only way to go forward!

So what’s next for Odivi?

I’m finishing my next collection, the collab with VR/Noboy. I’m presenting the collection in September during Prague Fashion week, on September 6th! Long-term I want to bring ODIVI abroad, expand retail and production to Europe and other markets. Berlin Fashion Week was a good start this summer! But mostly- making my dreams come true (And not just work ones!)- let’s keep in touch and you will see.

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