The world of Jenny Boot

‘I can’t create an image if it doesn’t resonate with something within myself, perhaps all my images are self-portraits’

Dutch Photographer Jenny Boot is best known for her emotional and atmospheric portraits & nudes. Her images hold a mirror up to the spirit of the zeitgeist and are often deeply sensual and personal, perhaps each image being a self-portrait of the woman who shot them, carrying a strong personal vision.

Jenny is a rising star among Dutch photographers. She has been published in several Magazines including Papercut, Vogue Italy, JFK, and NOI.SE Magazine and her work has been featured in several exhibitions from Amsterdam, Paris to London and New York. She currently resides in the Netherlands where she shares her skills and creative vision with others in her photography workshops, a passion she pursues next to creating captivating images.


Concept and Photography: Jenny Boot

Model: Lisa Bommerson
Styling: Raymond Brekeveld
Mua: Linda de Jong

The Biker
Model: anonymous.

Just Swallow:
Model: Loes Gobes
Mua: Linda de Jong

The Pilot:
Model: anonymous.

Portrait Maarten Heijmans
Model: Maarten Heijmans

Visit Jenny Boot’s website to view her complete portfolio.